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Directions to Casa Guadalupe

Getting to Mérida

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Taxi from the Airport

From the airport it is very easy and economical to get a cab at all hours.

In the lobby there is an ATM for withdrawing pesos.
Go out the entrance and walk 30 feet to your left.
There is a booth where you buy a ticket for the taxi.
Tell them you are going to Sta. Ana in Centro.
The charge will be around 160 pesos (approx US$13) per person.

Address & Directions

Calle 47 #453-C, x50 y52, Centro

Explanation: Casa Guadalupe is located at 47th Street (calle 47) at #453-C "por 50 y 52" (between calles 50 and 52) - this is part of the address! - in the "Céntro Histórico" district - also part of the address!

If you have Google Earth, click here to view Casa G from above!

Traveling east on calle 47, after crossing calle 52, Casa G is almost at the end of the block, on the left. The overhang over the front door makes it easy to spot. Here is a snapshot of the front of the house (One fun thing about Merida: You can never tell from the street what lies behind!)

Casa G is between two neighborhoods defined by two parks:

From Santa Ana (calle 47 x 60) it is 5 blocks east on 47, which runs west-to-east.

Mejorada (calle 50 x 57) is 5 blocks to the south on 50, which runs north-to-south.

The city has named all corners in Centro with a unique name displayed on a ceramic plaque.

The corner of calle 47 & 50 is "La Letra."

Mérida Layout

Streets in Merida are numbered as follows:

Odd numbered streets run east-west or west-east (usually alternating) or both.

The number increases going north.

Even numbered streets run north-south or south-north (usually alternating) or both.

The number increases going west.
Streets divisible by 4 (52, 56, 60, etc.) run north;
the other even numbered streets (50, 54, 58, etc.) run south.

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