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Yucatán Today is the leading tourist guide of Mérida, Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula and was recently voted the best tourism website in all of Mexico! In our companion monthly magazine, we bring you the information you need to enjoy your experience while you are here. Pick up your Yucatán Today magazine in the leading hotels and restaurants and use it as a reference during your stay. Bienvenidos to Mérida and the Yucatán!

Touring Yucatán by Bicycle

Who doesn’t like to feel the wind blowing on their face while riding a bicycle? Cycling in Yucatán is a good excuse to take out the explorer we all have inside and discover new places or simply explore the avenues of the city in a different way. Get on your bike and join us to find the best routes to ride around Mérida and Yucatán.

Eco-Tourism in Yucatán

The Yucatán Peninsula justly attracts world-wide attention for its remarkable Maya ruins, and for the inexhaustible wealth of information they provide us about the most advanced Prehispanic civilization of the New World. However, the peninsula's archaeological grandeur has tended to push aside its ecological significance, important both as the environment of today and that of the ancient Maya. It was a profound and intimate knowledge of this delicate environment's natural cycles, and a keen understanding of its plants and animals, that allowed the Maya civilization to flourish for over 1,000 years. Then, as now, our very survival depends upon an understanding of nature's rhythms, and upon our ability to adapt to them. Our tours are designed to illustrate how the past, including the colonial and post-colonial periods, sheds light upon the dynamic action in process today and why the Yucatán's unique ecosystems are so important...

Travel Yucatán

This site has features about the Mayans, Indigenous people, travel resources, etc.

[horses pull carts along track]Hola! Welcome to TravelYucatan.com, the information source for planning your vacation to the beautiful Yucatán Peninsula. If you have never traveled to the Yucatán Peninsula, most everything you need to know is here. General Info contains entry requirements, time, etc. There is also information more specific for your trip. You may also use the search engine on every page to find exactly what you need.

This web site contains hotels, maps, campsites, archeological information, bus routes and lots of related information for first time travelers and even veterans returning to the Yucatán Peninsula...

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